Sunday, 7 February 2016

Leisure Getaways Incorporated - How to Save on Rental Cars

When you’re out on a vacation and want to make the services of a rental car, it’s important to get a good deal. The vacation experts at Leisure Getaways Incorporated know that compared to years past, the car rental landscape might favor customers more now. Even though the big name companies like Hertz and Avis continue to get bigger, there’s stiff competition coming from smaller companies that works to benefit customers.
 Leisure Getaways Incorporated offers tips on how to get good rental rates.

Look beyond the established names

As alluded to earlier, the big names may thrive, but smaller companies are giving them a run for their money. When Hertz merged with other rental car companies, one condition of the merger was that Hertz would give up some airport booths, with smaller companies the likely beneficiaries of the extra space. So next time you’re at airport, don’t ignore the airport-based companies.

Package deals

If you’re booking a hotel and renting a car, consider going for a package deal offered by the booking agency. Car rental companies are known to provide discounts to agencies that include car rental services as part of the package, which can translate to better rates for you.

Book early

Typically, the earlier you book a rental car, the better the rates you’ll get. However, rates can fluctuate over time, so keep an eye out for better deals. Besides, you reserve the right to cancel a deal based on what you find.