Monday, 11 January 2016

Leisure Getaways Incorporated - Traits a Customer Service Representative Must Have

It is a simple fact of life that not all people are cut out from a role in customer service. There are certain personality traits that make a person more suited to this line of work, which the company that hires them must look out for during the interview stages. Leisure Getaways Incorporated has marked out the following traits as being vital in customer service.


Customers don’t want to encounter representatives who make them feel like they would rather be any place than at work, talking to them. As such, a friendly attitude is a must for anybody working in customer service. They need to be approachable in addition to being able to interact with customers in a way that makes them feel comfortable and more willing to talk to the representative about they need.


There is no getting around the fact that customer service can occasionally be a frustrating job. If a customer is unhappy with any aspect of the company’s service, regardless of if it is the representative’s fault, they are likely going to demonstrate their own frustrations to the customer service team. It is vital that anybody working in customer service is able to maintain a cool head and not let their own frustrations inform their interactions with the customer.


Knowledge is power in any line of work so it is vital that your customer service team is able to talk at length about your services. While Leisure Getaways Incorporated knows that good training is a large part of this aspect of the job, a good representative needs to demonstrate a willingness to learn and the ability to show initiative in order to improve their base of knowledge.

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