Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Leisure Getaways Incorporated - On the Importance of Mystique in Selling

Leisure Getaways Incorporated does its best to take care of all client experiences that are related to vacation shares.

Part of the value of what some people or companies sell often lies in how time-consuming or difficult it is to replicate what they do. McDonalds has its special sauces. KFC has a secret recipe. Coca-Cola has a formula that no one can replicate. These attributes create interest and an aura of secrecy in otherwise commonplace products.

People would not pay for a magic performance if they knew the secrets to the illusions. Remove the secrecy and there is nothing left. This is true about many other things in life, too. This is why when it comes to sales and marketing, it is important to invent something that is unique about the business and what it does.

Oftentimes these unique characteristics can be based on customers’ demands and requirements. For example, Domino’s Pizza grew up from a small pizza restaurant created by two brothers to a global empire because it promised its customers “Fresh, Hot Pizza Delivered in Thirty Minutes or Less, Guaranteed.”

Domino’s introduced the guarantee because it knew that its customers cared about the speed of delivery more than they cared about the taste or the recipe. To Dominos’ customers, pizza delivery that was on time, every single time felt like a magic experience that you want to replicate in your business, too.

Another way to approach the subject of having something unique is to create your own terminology for what you do. This is something that a lot of cosmetic companies are very successful with, especially when it comes to the names of their treatments and products.

“There is a secret here” is one of the most powerful marketing statements. It doesn’t matter what business you are in. You can always find ways to make the experience of buying from you unique and pleasant. This is a big part of why companies such as Leisure Getaways Incorporated stay in business for a long time and are successful at what they do.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Leisure Getaways Incorporated - Sales and Free Lunches

Sales professionals at Leisure Getaways Incorporated take pride in studying and implementing the most effective sales and marketing techniques in their work.
While every reasonable person knows that there’s no such thing as free lunch, every prospect and buyer secretly hopes and believes that there might be.  This is why premiums are such a powerful strategy in selling. 
A premium is a free gift or a bonus that comes with a purchase. One of the best approaches when deciding on premiums for your business is to not give away the same things that you are already selling. 

This is bad because it tends to devalue your products or services and isn’t creative at all. Some of the best premiums are things that people want for themselves. This applies not only to their personal lives but also to business transactions... read more

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Leisure Getaways Inc. - On Selling Cycles and Keeping in touch with Prospects

Businesses, such as Leisure Getaways Incorporated, know that most people absolutely love to buy things, products, and services. At the same time, most people hate being sold to. They like to take their time to think about what they are buying, to shop around, and make a buying decision when they are ready to make one.

Usually, this is a process that takes time. The fact that someone isn’t ready to buy on the spot doesn’t mean that they won’t buy at all. There are a lot of other reasons that have an influence on the process.
One of the reasons why so many salespeople do not accomplish the results that they want is because they avoid meticulous tracking of measurable results......read more
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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Leisure Getaways Incorporated – On the Importance of Listening in Selling

Companies like Leisure Getaways Incorporated take pride in having happy customers and using sales strategies in ethical ways with the goal of helping their clients.

When it comes to selling, a lot of people think that selling is all about talking and pushing a product or service on a customer. While aggressive and pushy sales techniques do exist, they can’t help a business build a following of loyal customers....

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Leisure Getaways Incorporated - How Businesses that Provide Excellent Customer Service Deal with Angry Customers

No human or business is absolutely perfect, not even an excellent company such as Leisure Getaways Incorporated. The first thing that you need to understand about dealing with angry or upset customers is that incidents will happen.

You may do whatever you can to describe your policies clearly and extensively, yet some customers will still not understand them. Your suppliers and vendors may be late on the exact dates when your customers absolutely need the products that they ordered...
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Monday, 3 October 2016

Leisure Getaways Incorporated – How to Make Sure That Your Business Provides Great Customer Service

Leisure Getaways Incorporated does its best to provide excellent customer service to its clients.
Many businesses do not get the performance they want from their workers because they do not develop policies and procedures to handle the daily tasks. Every company needs to have a process for how things are done, from answering the phones, to processing refunds and getting with unhappy customers.
image 8
If you run a company, but do not have policies and procedures, your employees will develop ones of their own and tell your new workers about how the things work in your business..... read more
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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Leisure Getaways Incorporated - Why Training Employees is Crucial for Great Customer Service

Smart businesses, such as Leisure Getaways Incorporated, know that customer service is based on training, managing and enforcing the rules among the employees. Your business may be running a very expensive advertising campaign, but if your phones are not answered properly, if your customers are not treated right, then all these advertising dollars can be going to waste.

This is why you need to train your employees and enforce the rules. Imagine your own reaction if you were to hear an employee in a store tell a customer about how bad of a person his or her manager is. You need to make it clear to your employees that they play a crucial role in providing customer service to your clients.

Fundamentally, your employees decide the fate of your business and their own jobs by the way they behave and treat the customers. Once the people that work for you become aware of this fact, train them what to say and how to do it. While nobody is always happy in the real world, your employees can’t bring their frustrations to your customers. This is why you need to have a mechanism in your business that will allow the employees to effectively communicate with the management about business policies and conditions.

Today, when a smartphone can instantly become a video camcorder or an audio recording device, badmouthing a company is extremely dangerous. Warn your employees not to engage in this behavior, not even during the breaks, and not even when they think that nobody is watching or listening.

The rule of thumb is very simple: if your employees can’t say something nice, they could keep silent, even when it comes to talking about your competition. Let your competitors work on generating comments about them. Gossiping and badmouthing harm all parties, because they take up the energy that could create positive endeavors. This is why businesses like Leisure Getaways Incorporated choose to engage their employees and customers in positive and meaningful ways.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Leisure Getaways Incorporated Caters to Lovers of Travel

Perpetual vacationers, retirees, virtually anyone who loves to travel, can benefit greatly from ownership in timeshares. With multiple vacation ownerships, owners can spend the majority of the year doing what they love more than anything: traveling and experiencing new things. There are thousands of timeshare owners in the United States, despite the recession. According to the American Resort Development Association, a trade organization which represents the timeshare industry, there were 1,548 timeshare resorts in the United States in 2011, with a total of 194,200 units. Of these, Leisure Getaways Incorporated is proud to be one of the best.

Timeshare owners pay a lump sum upfront to purchase, and annual fees to cover maintenance costs. The usual duration is a one-week interval once a year, but the time frame can be shorter or longer depending on the contract. Average sales prices for one-week timeshares are $19,000 with an average maintenance fee of $660. Leisure Getaways Incorporated covers all information regarding its vacation ownerships through its knowledgeable sales representatives, who educate and inform while promoting their exciting product.

Vacation ownership operates on a points system, which allows more flexibility in time and location of travel. RCI.com, a vacation exchange network, assists Leisure Getaways Incorporated owners to use points at any time during the calendar year, and even to use points for cruise or camping options. Points can be used from previous years, or can be borrowed from the year ahead. Points can also be used for hotel stays at some of the finest venues.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Leisure Getaways Incorporated Sells Freedom from Worry

Vacation owner points programs can be complicated, so Leisure Getaways Incorporated representatives explain resort-based points programs, how they are owned, how they may be used, and how points can give the owner greater flexibility in vacation selections.

Leisure Getaways Incorporated’s patient and knowledgeable representatives can explain the size of vacation units, varying from studios to three and four bedroom spaces. Larger units often have fully equipped kitchens, dining areas, dishwashers and televisions, with washers and dryers either in house or readily available. Kitchens generally come equipped with sufficient tableware for the specified accommodations of the unit. The availability and popularity of a unit is proportional to its location, as beach resorts have high demand and units of all size are desirable whereas units at inland resorts may be much more available as they are not so sought after.

Timeshare sales approaches for appealing to a buyer often include a complimentary stay at a vacation resort, along with gift incentives. Sales representatives may offer tickets to entertainments, complimentary gambling chips for a resort which offers legalized gambling, and other activity tickets or coupons for use at or near the resort. Prospective buyers are often assigned to a tour guide who is also a real estate agent and attend a presentation, where they will learn about the resort or resorts in question through the use of videos and a knowledgeable speaker. Leisure Getaways Incorporated presents its full package of resorts and amenities for those prospective vacation owners who want to bring true leisure and freedom from worry to their holidays.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Leisure Getaways Incorporated Connected to RCI Vacation Bookings

With the point systems used today, timeshare owners may assign their vacation ownership points for exchanges of air travel tickets, hotels, cruises, or amusement park admissions. Owners may rent part of their earned points and use the rest to get a larger unit, or more vacation time, or a better location for their vacations. Points may be saved over time, in some cases. The superior contracts of Leisure Getaways Incorporated and the knowledgeable representatives can answer these and other questions about the parameters of the modern RCI timeshare contract.

Very popular in timeshare purchases today is exchanging time to stay at one of thousands of other resorts across the world. RCI, owners of RCI Vacation Bookings and originator of Leisure Getaways Incorporated, is one of the largest exchange agencies, along with Interval International. These two exchange agencies have over 7,000 resorts, and through resort affiliate programs owners can look forward to a myriad of exchange choices. Owners may be able to exchange weeks or points through independent agencies, or may be able to arrange a direct exchange by finding an owner with the desired destination and weeks which both want. Internet bulletin boards can help timeshare owners meet others to perform exchanges.

Exchangeable vacation ownerships of those who have committed to timeshares are easily exchanged, no matter what resort sites they are connected to, but different ownerships have different amounts of trading power. Vacation ownerships connected to resorts in Hawaii or Southern California are much in demand, and easy to exchange for other vacation times in other parts of the world.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Home Sharing Leads to Leisure Getaways Incorporated

Vacation home sharing became all the rage after World War II in Britain. Home sharing was a kind of vacation system which would enable families to vacation in much finer surroundings than they could afford on their own. Also known as holiday home sharing, the concept began with four families, all European or at least living in adjoining countries, purchasing a property together. Each family had the use of the property for one of the four seasons of the year, on a rotating basis. Ideally, the original concept involved families who were closely related, so they could trust one another to share the vacation home equally and participate in upkeep and expenses. Leisure Getaways Incorporated offers a more sophisticated, but similar, vacation ownership ideal today, with many more amenities and options.

It was a factor of the holiday home share arrangement that the vacation home was vacant for long periods of time, as few families can afford to vacation for an entire season. Creative British entrepreneurs and property brokers got the idea to divide resort rooms into a 1/50th ownership arrangement, with two weeks left free each year for repair and improvements, and the charge of a maintenance fee to each owner. Voila! The concept of the timeshare was born in Europe, and within 10 years, the idea was working smoothly and ready for import to America, where Leisure Getaways Incorporated would eventually evolve the concept. Retaining the original concept, but drastically different in form, vacation ownership today is still a way for the vacationer to enjoy luxury for less.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Leisure Getaways Incorporated - Is a Timeshare Investment for You?

Even in a tough economy, the timeshare industry continues to see positive gains thanks to growing knowledge about timeshares. Leisure Getaways Incorporated specializes in providing perfect vacation spots to clients, and has come up with innovative products that keep customers interested in buying timeshares.
If you’re thinking about purchasing a timeshare, Leisure Getaways Incorporated has a few benefits it would like you to consider.

You save on travel costs
When you take the time to understand the timeshare you are purchasing, you can own one that comes with features such as laundry facilities or an equipped kitchen, which translate to less expenses on food and laundry. Also, many timeshares are fully furnished, thus saving you money you would have spent on furnishing a vacation property.

Trade-ins are accepted
Many timeshare providers will allow you to trade your timeshare for units in other locations. The only drawback is that you may be required to pay some fees for such services, which may be pegged on the time of purchase and length of stay.

Take a vacation every year
When you purchase a timeshare, you are making vacationing part of your lifestyle. With a timeshare, you can make the trip something to look forward to every year. You may want to enjoy skiing during the holidays every year, so having a timeshare reduces the worry about getting the opportunity to do so.

Leisure Getaways Incorporated knows there’s no easy answer as to whether you need a timeshare. However, with the variety of options for timeshares, you have no reason not to make an informed decision.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Leisure Getaways Incorporated - Financial Tips for International Travelers

Leisure Getaways Incorporated has specialized in providing travelers with perfect vacation packages that suit them. In doing so, the company knows that getting finances in order are a bug aspect of any vacation planning. If you are planning a trip outside the States for your vacation, keep these tips in mind.

Accessing cash

If you want to travel with liquid cash, consider converting some of your money at a major local bank. You will incur fees when you convert at the destination airport, plus it might get tricky if language becomes an issue.

If traveling with a card is your thing, having a debit card and relying on ATMs is the way to go. Yes, you will incur ATM fees, but they’re less than what many credit cards will be charged.

Set an away message

Before you leave, let your credit card company and banking institutions know that you’ll be taking a vacation. It’s no fun when your credit card is suspended in the middle of your safari. You might also want to leave any bills settled early before you leave to avoid any service disruptions while you’re away.

Make money

If you’re up to it, you can let your apartment or house make some money for you while you’re on vacation. There might be someone planning a trip to your city and wants a place to crash that’s cheaper than a Four Seasons. Leisure Getaways Incorporated recommends that you carefully research sites where you can list your home for short-term stays.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Leisure Getaways Incorporated - How to Save on Rental Cars

When you’re out on a vacation and want to make the services of a rental car, it’s important to get a good deal. The vacation experts at Leisure Getaways Incorporated know that compared to years past, the car rental landscape might favor customers more now. Even though the big name companies like Hertz and Avis continue to get bigger, there’s stiff competition coming from smaller companies that works to benefit customers.
 Leisure Getaways Incorporated offers tips on how to get good rental rates.

Look beyond the established names

As alluded to earlier, the big names may thrive, but smaller companies are giving them a run for their money. When Hertz merged with other rental car companies, one condition of the merger was that Hertz would give up some airport booths, with smaller companies the likely beneficiaries of the extra space. So next time you’re at airport, don’t ignore the airport-based companies.

Package deals

If you’re booking a hotel and renting a car, consider going for a package deal offered by the booking agency. Car rental companies are known to provide discounts to agencies that include car rental services as part of the package, which can translate to better rates for you.

Book early

Typically, the earlier you book a rental car, the better the rates you’ll get. However, rates can fluctuate over time, so keep an eye out for better deals. Besides, you reserve the right to cancel a deal based on what you find.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Leisure Getaways Incorporated - The Essence of Good Customer Service

Leisure Getaways Incorporated knows that good customer service is the life force of a business. You can run all the promotions and discounts in the world to attract new customers as you wish, but if you don’t have a way to keep some of those customers coming back, the business won’t be as profitable.

Good customer service focuses on keeping customers coming back to the business. It’s about making sure they leave the business happy – happy enough to tell their friends and families, who might then want to try the product or service for themselves. 

If you are good at sales, you probably are confident of selling your product to any customer. However, it’s your approach to customer service that determines whether you have the same success with customers a second or third time. It all boils down to how good of a relationship you form with customers that makes the latter feel comfortable coming back.

So how do you establish a meaningful relationship with customers? It happens by keeping in mind that your actions speak louder than words. It verges on being cliché, but it is true. Backing up your words with actions means you deliver what you say you can. It also means returning calls when you say you will, delivering products on the day you tell customers the products will be delivered, and dealing with feedback and complaints as soon as possible.

Leisure Getaways Incorporated has years of industry experience in customer service, something that has enabled it to develop a true solution for vacation ownership.

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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Leisure Getaways Incorporated - Things Your Rental Car Must Have

A good rental car can make a big difference when you are on vacation, as it will enable you to enjoy your holiday in the way that you want to, rather than in a way that is limited by the transport options that are available to you. However, Leisure Getaways Incorporated points out that there are a number of things that a good rental car needs to have to make sure you get the most from it.

Good Gas Mileage
A rental car should be able to allow you to drive to practically any destination you want without costing you a lot of money just to keep it running. As such, you need to check with your rental car company to make sure you can achieve good mileage with your chosen vehicle.

While it is possible for you to bring your own Sat-Nav on vacation with you, it is just one more thing that you have to pack that you shouldn’t really have to. A good rental car should have a quality navigation system that will allow you to find your way around in unfamiliar territory.

Very Little Damage
In an ideal world, your rental car will be practically brand new and will no signs of wear and tear from other drivers. However, Leisure Getaways Incorporated points out that this is rarely a realistic possibility. Even so, a good car rental company will ensure that their fleet is maintained to a high standard, so if you find a lot of damage before you have even taken the car on the road, you should demand another vehicle.

Monday, 11 January 2016

Leisure Getaways Incorporated - Traits a Customer Service Representative Must Have

It is a simple fact of life that not all people are cut out from a role in customer service. There are certain personality traits that make a person more suited to this line of work, which the company that hires them must look out for during the interview stages. Leisure Getaways Incorporated has marked out the following traits as being vital in customer service.


Customers don’t want to encounter representatives who make them feel like they would rather be any place than at work, talking to them. As such, a friendly attitude is a must for anybody working in customer service. They need to be approachable in addition to being able to interact with customers in a way that makes them feel comfortable and more willing to talk to the representative about they need.


There is no getting around the fact that customer service can occasionally be a frustrating job. If a customer is unhappy with any aspect of the company’s service, regardless of if it is the representative’s fault, they are likely going to demonstrate their own frustrations to the customer service team. It is vital that anybody working in customer service is able to maintain a cool head and not let their own frustrations inform their interactions with the customer.


Knowledge is power in any line of work so it is vital that your customer service team is able to talk at length about your services. While Leisure Getaways Incorporated knows that good training is a large part of this aspect of the job, a good representative needs to demonstrate a willingness to learn and the ability to show initiative in order to improve their base of knowledge.

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Saturday, 2 January 2016

Leisure Getaways Incorporated - Staying Safe When Travelling Alone

Leisure Getaways Incorporated understands that travelling can often be an intimidating experience, especially if you are going somewhere that you have never been before. This issue is compounded if you choose to travel alone. However, with the following safety tips you should feel safer during your trip.

Keep Valuables Close to You

Always make sure that you keep any of your valuable items close to you at all times, especially if the place you’re staying in doesn’t have a safe. If you have a bag, be wary of leaving it unattended. It is also a good idea to make sure that you don’t display these valuables everywhere that you go, so that you don’t attract unwanted attention.

Be Careful About Drinking

If you are travelling alone you’re going to have to be very wary of alcohol. While nobody is saying that you shouldn’t enjoy a drink every now and again, it is important to drink responsibly and keep your wits about you. Also, be sure to keep your beverage in your sight at all times, to ensure nobody is able to tamper with it.

Let People Know Where You Are

Leisure Getaways Incorporated recommends using any avenue you have at your disposal to let people know where you are. Make sure that friends and relatives understand your itinerary and contact them on a regular basis so that they know you’re okay. It is also a good idea to make use social media to check in when you reach a new destination, so that people who are not with you can keep an eye on what you are doing without disrupting the vacation experience.