Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Leisure Getaways Incorporated - The Essence of Good Customer Service

Leisure Getaways Incorporated knows that good customer service is the life force of a business. You can run all the promotions and discounts in the world to attract new customers as you wish, but if you don’t have a way to keep some of those customers coming back, the business won’t be as profitable.

Good customer service focuses on keeping customers coming back to the business. It’s about making sure they leave the business happy – happy enough to tell their friends and families, who might then want to try the product or service for themselves. 

If you are good at sales, you probably are confident of selling your product to any customer. However, it’s your approach to customer service that determines whether you have the same success with customers a second or third time. It all boils down to how good of a relationship you form with customers that makes the latter feel comfortable coming back.

So how do you establish a meaningful relationship with customers? It happens by keeping in mind that your actions speak louder than words. It verges on being cliché, but it is true. Backing up your words with actions means you deliver what you say you can. It also means returning calls when you say you will, delivering products on the day you tell customers the products will be delivered, and dealing with feedback and complaints as soon as possible.

Leisure Getaways Incorporated has years of industry experience in customer service, something that has enabled it to develop a true solution for vacation ownership.

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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Leisure Getaways Incorporated - Things Your Rental Car Must Have

A good rental car can make a big difference when you are on vacation, as it will enable you to enjoy your holiday in the way that you want to, rather than in a way that is limited by the transport options that are available to you. However, Leisure Getaways Incorporated points out that there are a number of things that a good rental car needs to have to make sure you get the most from it.

Good Gas Mileage
A rental car should be able to allow you to drive to practically any destination you want without costing you a lot of money just to keep it running. As such, you need to check with your rental car company to make sure you can achieve good mileage with your chosen vehicle.

While it is possible for you to bring your own Sat-Nav on vacation with you, it is just one more thing that you have to pack that you shouldn’t really have to. A good rental car should have a quality navigation system that will allow you to find your way around in unfamiliar territory.

Very Little Damage
In an ideal world, your rental car will be practically brand new and will no signs of wear and tear from other drivers. However, Leisure Getaways Incorporated points out that this is rarely a realistic possibility. Even so, a good car rental company will ensure that their fleet is maintained to a high standard, so if you find a lot of damage before you have even taken the car on the road, you should demand another vehicle.

Monday, 11 January 2016

Leisure Getaways Incorporated - Traits a Customer Service Representative Must Have

It is a simple fact of life that not all people are cut out from a role in customer service. There are certain personality traits that make a person more suited to this line of work, which the company that hires them must look out for during the interview stages. Leisure Getaways Incorporated has marked out the following traits as being vital in customer service.


Customers don’t want to encounter representatives who make them feel like they would rather be any place than at work, talking to them. As such, a friendly attitude is a must for anybody working in customer service. They need to be approachable in addition to being able to interact with customers in a way that makes them feel comfortable and more willing to talk to the representative about they need.


There is no getting around the fact that customer service can occasionally be a frustrating job. If a customer is unhappy with any aspect of the company’s service, regardless of if it is the representative’s fault, they are likely going to demonstrate their own frustrations to the customer service team. It is vital that anybody working in customer service is able to maintain a cool head and not let their own frustrations inform their interactions with the customer.


Knowledge is power in any line of work so it is vital that your customer service team is able to talk at length about your services. While Leisure Getaways Incorporated knows that good training is a large part of this aspect of the job, a good representative needs to demonstrate a willingness to learn and the ability to show initiative in order to improve their base of knowledge.

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Saturday, 2 January 2016

Leisure Getaways Incorporated - Staying Safe When Travelling Alone

Leisure Getaways Incorporated understands that travelling can often be an intimidating experience, especially if you are going somewhere that you have never been before. This issue is compounded if you choose to travel alone. However, with the following safety tips you should feel safer during your trip.

Keep Valuables Close to You

Always make sure that you keep any of your valuable items close to you at all times, especially if the place you’re staying in doesn’t have a safe. If you have a bag, be wary of leaving it unattended. It is also a good idea to make sure that you don’t display these valuables everywhere that you go, so that you don’t attract unwanted attention.

Be Careful About Drinking

If you are travelling alone you’re going to have to be very wary of alcohol. While nobody is saying that you shouldn’t enjoy a drink every now and again, it is important to drink responsibly and keep your wits about you. Also, be sure to keep your beverage in your sight at all times, to ensure nobody is able to tamper with it.

Let People Know Where You Are

Leisure Getaways Incorporated recommends using any avenue you have at your disposal to let people know where you are. Make sure that friends and relatives understand your itinerary and contact them on a regular basis so that they know you’re okay. It is also a good idea to make use social media to check in when you reach a new destination, so that people who are not with you can keep an eye on what you are doing without disrupting the vacation experience.