Thursday, 10 March 2016

Leisure Getaways Incorporated Connected to RCI Vacation Bookings

With the point systems used today, timeshare owners may assign their vacation ownership points for exchanges of air travel tickets, hotels, cruises, or amusement park admissions. Owners may rent part of their earned points and use the rest to get a larger unit, or more vacation time, or a better location for their vacations. Points may be saved over time, in some cases. The superior contracts of Leisure Getaways Incorporated and the knowledgeable representatives can answer these and other questions about the parameters of the modern RCI timeshare contract.

Very popular in timeshare purchases today is exchanging time to stay at one of thousands of other resorts across the world. RCI, owners of RCI Vacation Bookings and originator of Leisure Getaways Incorporated, is one of the largest exchange agencies, along with Interval International. These two exchange agencies have over 7,000 resorts, and through resort affiliate programs owners can look forward to a myriad of exchange choices. Owners may be able to exchange weeks or points through independent agencies, or may be able to arrange a direct exchange by finding an owner with the desired destination and weeks which both want. Internet bulletin boards can help timeshare owners meet others to perform exchanges.

Exchangeable vacation ownerships of those who have committed to timeshares are easily exchanged, no matter what resort sites they are connected to, but different ownerships have different amounts of trading power. Vacation ownerships connected to resorts in Hawaii or Southern California are much in demand, and easy to exchange for other vacation times in other parts of the world.