Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Home Sharing Leads to Leisure Getaways Incorporated

Vacation home sharing became all the rage after World War II in Britain. Home sharing was a kind of vacation system which would enable families to vacation in much finer surroundings than they could afford on their own. Also known as holiday home sharing, the concept began with four families, all European or at least living in adjoining countries, purchasing a property together. Each family had the use of the property for one of the four seasons of the year, on a rotating basis. Ideally, the original concept involved families who were closely related, so they could trust one another to share the vacation home equally and participate in upkeep and expenses. Leisure Getaways Incorporated offers a more sophisticated, but similar, vacation ownership ideal today, with many more amenities and options.

It was a factor of the holiday home share arrangement that the vacation home was vacant for long periods of time, as few families can afford to vacation for an entire season. Creative British entrepreneurs and property brokers got the idea to divide resort rooms into a 1/50th ownership arrangement, with two weeks left free each year for repair and improvements, and the charge of a maintenance fee to each owner. Voila! The concept of the timeshare was born in Europe, and within 10 years, the idea was working smoothly and ready for import to America, where Leisure Getaways Incorporated would eventually evolve the concept. Retaining the original concept, but drastically different in form, vacation ownership today is still a way for the vacationer to enjoy luxury for less.